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So what's happening?

Nov 29, 2012 at 11:15 AM

First of all, let me apologise that this project seems to have been quiet for so long. It hasn't been abandoned, far from it, it's just that we've been swamped over the summer period and then some things came up at the start of the Autumn that kept us away from the code base.

Anyway, what exactly is happening with the project?

Well, the big news of the summer would have to be the release of Visual Studio 2012. Unfortunately, the CodeStash addin hasn't been compiled up for this version of VS, so that's going to be one of the priorities.

Secondly, there are a couple of niggles and bugs where the interface just doesn't feel quite right to me, so we'll be sorting those out pronto.

As part of this process, the UI is going to move from being heavily MVC to much more MVVM. That's right - Knockout.js is going to make an appearance (look out for at least one article on this on Code Project). I'm also going to add the ability for a user to select which team(s) they want snippets to be visible to - that's currently one of the glaring "plotholes" so to speak.

Anyway, we hope to see you soon:)

Jan 21 at 2:53 PM
Project is dead?

yours, other projects in github ?